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With a bespoke meal plan and unlimited one-to-one email support from your personal nutritionist, beneficial eating habits become a part of your everyday life, and you achieve your weight-loss goals naturally.

bespoke meal plan

Our programme helps you to improve your eating habits by introducing you to a well-balanced and varied bespoke meal plan until normal eating becomes a routine. After that, you become your own best nutritionist! That’s the key to effective weight loss.

  • Custom monthly meal plan unique to you
  • Composed by a nutritionist specially for you
  • Specific to your goal, health status and food preferences
  • Perfect balance of calories, protein, carbs, fat and nutrients
  • Easy to make meals and snacks – at least four per day
  • No need to buy any expensive supplements or packaged foods
  • Designed to combat your specific cravings
  • Proven methods to fire up your metabolism
  • “Free Day” every week – you can eat and drink whatever you want

ipokratis papadimitrakos

Top Nutritionist with 15 year of experience

“Ipokratis Papadimitrakos is the point of intersection between nutrition, psychology and weight-loss. He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Kinesiotherapy, a Master’s Degree in Psychology , and twelve years of experience as a nutritional therapist. He has conducted more than 8000 private consultations, and this number keeps on growing.

His approach and techniques are a reflection of his educational and life philosophy – he addresses weight issues from a psychological point of view, and he believes that everyone can find their ‘normal eating’ habit, before gradually achieving and maintaining a target weight.

‘Normal eating’ is a term introduced by Ipokratis in his bestselling book – IPOlogy of Eating. ‘Normal’ is a way of eating that makes you feel good.

“I believe that once you discover your ‘normal eating’ habits, you gradually achieve your target weight loss. Forget about restrictive diets, magical meals and pills – all you need is a small change in your eating habits. I have proved this time and time again during my 15 years of experience as a nutritionist. I help people to improve their eating habits by introducing them to a well-balanced and varied individual meal plan until normal eating becomes a routine.  Everyone can be their own best nutritionist – it takes a little time to learn, but once you master the skills the correct decisions about eating come naturally. That’s the key to effective weight loss.”

Success stories

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Daisy, Lost 18 kg in 5 months:
After my pregnancy and breast feeding, I gained 30 kg. I found out about the healthy meal plan from Ipokratis Papadimitrakos and decided to give it a try. I lost 18 kg for five months without starving myself.
Maria, Lost 18 kg in 5 months:
My name is Maria and I have been following a meal plan from Ipokratis for four months now, currently I’m at month 5. I started at 90 kg, and now I’m 72-73kg.