what foods to eat to help deal with cellulite.

Хранене срещу целулит


Before to uncover for you the secrets of nutrition against cellulite, test your knowledge of orange skin with our short and informative quiz:

Quiz: Secrets of Cellulite




As you probably already understand and from the test, almost every woman suffers from “orange skin”, no matter if it is a Hollywood star, your best friend or a famous singer. Orange peel” skin occurs in over 90% of women, regardless of their weight. Although there is no universal solution for tackling cellulite there are proven tricks through working with nutrition and sports activities that do wonders to reduce the uneven surface of the skin. As nutritionists, we suggest a few ideas of what foods to eat and what healthy eating habits you can adopt to help deal with cellulite.

Eat more raw foods

Fruits and vegetablesare great sources of fiber, which is the main “enemy” of cellulite. hey must be present in large quantities in our daily diet, try to add them to any dish. Fiber helps improve the condition of skin, rejuvenate and tighten it, especially in problem areas with cellulite.

Don’t eat on the run

Sticking to a diettrains your brain when to expect food and when not to and this helps to stop the indiscriminate snacking between meals each day. It’s the small unplanned snacks that hide the major problems because most often they include high calorie foods rich in sugar. Sugar and refined grains such as white breads and pasta are a major cause of weight gain and loss of skin elasticity.

Drink plenty of water

Dehydrated skin is more prone to cellulite. Try to drink two cups (200 ml) of water before each meal, and aim for at least a liter and a half each day in plain water. Drinking enough water will help you avoid water retention, which is directly related to the formation of cellulite.

Recharge your body with vitamin C to P

Include foods high in vitamin C and P (flavonoids), in your diet. They have a very positive effect on the skin by increasing elasticity and strengthening capillaries, allowing our skin to becomes less prone to cellulite. Its allowing our skin to becomes less prone to cellulite. Citrus, red peppers, buckwheat and strawberries are excellent sources of both vitamins.

Cut back on salty foods

Reduce salty junk foods such as sausages, chips and crisps etc. Excessive consumption of salt is a major cause of water retention in the body, which worsens cellulite. Salt is cellulites best friend.

With a balanced diet and exercise regime that suits you, good results in the fight against cellulite can be achieved. Do not give up, be persistent and confident and it will be worth it. Start changing your diet today.

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