Summer plan

Most people’s perception of summer is a time of rest – rest from work, commitments and… diets. At this time we usually feel that we deserve to relax and leave behind the thoughts about our health and good shape. We are convinced that the danger of putting on weight in summer is minimal – after all, we eat mainly fruit and vegetables, we drink a lot of water and we are more physically active. We think it is perfectly possible to lose weight without any effort – pounds melt in summer on their own.

 Is it really true?

Definitely NOT!

The picture painted in the previous statement is a typical example of irregular poor quality eating habits. The fact that we eat mainly fruit, vegetables and other light foods at any time in the day or whenever we remember to eat, definitely doesn’t mean we are eating healthy and correctly. Exactly the opposite.

The limited amount of food we consume in summer in combination with the irregular low quality meals, are the main reason metabolism slows down. The body is trying to work using less energy and whenever we provide it with more food than necessary, it stores it as fat reserves.

Moderate eating , due to the lack of appetite in the hot summer days, is admirable, but not enough to help you lose weight and stay fit .It is necessary to pay attention to what you eat (quality of food) and how often (regular eating).

This is where the Summer plan comes in

The truth is, our schedule during the summer months is totally different from the one during the rest of the year – we spend more time outdoors, we go on holidays, often spontaneous, gluttonous occasions arise, such as parties and trips and all that make us think it is almost impossible toeat regularly, moderately and choose good quality food.

The good news is that with the appropriate meal plan for you, achieving and maintaining the desired weight in a healthy way during the summer months can turn out to be easier than you have ever expected.

 Advantages of a summer meal plan

  • By having a meal plan, you will know exactly what and when to eat and you won’t waste any of your time at the beach, wondering what to order so you don’t ruin your waistline.
  • You will be inspired to stick to your meal plan every time you put on those fancy summer clothes or bikinis and you don’t like the way you look.
  • The satisfaction of achieving and maintaining a healthy weight loss and wellcoming autumn in a great shape  will be enormous.
  • Regular eating represents 60% of a meal plan. The rest is made up by the quality and quantity of food, which can easily be monitored during the summer months.

 Your aim should be to accomplish regular eating. Eat every 3-4 hours so you can speed up your metabolism and don’t skip any of the four daily meals – breakfast, lunch, an afternoon snack and dinner.  This is exactly what a summer meal plan will help you with. Yes, discipline will be needed, but it can be achieved very easily, by keeping in mind all the benefits that were mentioned above and by thinking positively.

 “Exceptional situations” –

guests, parties, trips and vacations are frequent during the summer, but you can cope with them ! They are a part of your life and you shouldn’t avoid them or be worried because you are on a diet. Don’t forget that this is actually not a diet, it is a way of life! Little mistakes are absolutely normal and harmless as long as they are not frequent.

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