Skipping breakfast, lunch or dinner might seem like an easy and quick way to lose weight.

Many people believe that the less you eat, the more you lose weight, but the truth can be different. Skipping meals might be a mistake when it comes to fighting weight gain.

Our customers often ask us: “What do I do when I have guests and the table does not have the right kind of food for my diet?  Is it better to eat little of what is there or just miss a meal?’’ The answer is simple, eat something, and the next day continue to follow your individual meal plan. Apart from very sugary or salty foods, then a small amount of non-diet food occasionally is fine.

From our experience we believe that regular, moderate and good nutrition, can build healthy eating habits, which are the key to success!

Eating regularly represents 60% of a healthy diet the remainder 40% is the quality and quantity of food.

The first thing you must master the on the path to achieving and retaining the perfect weight is the ability to eat regularly and not to miss meals.

Why is it so important to eat regularly? Physiology and medical literature determined that a complete digestive cycle takes approximately 3-4 hours, depending on the kind of food. This means that the body needs food at set intervals of time to maintain a good metabolism. Just as the fire in the fireplace needs a constant supply of wood to keep it alight. Remember, skipping meals confuses your metabolism – the only thing you will achieve if you are missing out on breakfast, lunch or dinner is to slow the metabolism.

There are always situations where it is difficult or impossible to stick to the regime, but they are not an excuse to skip meals.

For such situations there are “emergency foods” that require no preparation time and can be carried. Using these foods means you will not have to miss a meal, no matter what the circumstances.

Here are some good emergency foods;


Interim meals  (morning / afternoon snack)

– Dried fruit

– Yogurt / plain

– Low sugar biscuits 2-3

– 2-3 whole grain crackers


Main meals  (lunch and dinner)

– 400g yoghurt / plain

– Sandwich – 2 slices wholemeal / brown bread, turkey breast 30g, 50g low-fat cheese and vegetable optional.

– Any variations of the aforementioned sandwich with lean meat and low-fat cheese.


Remember that these foods are no substitute for a healthy breakfast, lunch or dinner, but a great solution in emergency situations.

In each individual diet we prepare, there are between 4-6 meals a day, giving you regular, moderate and high-quality food.

Skipping a meal and fasting will help you achieve and hold the desired weight in the short term, but if you build healthy eating habits into your life it will last a lifetime. Don’t skip meal, enjoy all your meals for the day!

If you have not yet ordered your individual diet, you can do it here.

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