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Bananas in the meal plan

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Банани в режима

Bananas are one of the most popular fruits however some views range from extremely positive to extremely negative! One of the most widespread opinions about them is that they are “ enemies of a diet ’’ due to their relatively high content of sugar and carbohydrates. But it doesn’t reflect the whole truth about bananas and the benefits to our health and figure.

Calorific value

Some believe that bananas are much higher in sugar and carbs than other fruits. This is not so. One medium banana contains 105 calories and 27 grams of carbohydrates. This is similar in other fruits such as a medium pear (103 calories 27 g carbohydrate); a medium apple (95 calories: 25 g carbohydrates); a bowl of blueberries (82 calories 21 g carbohydrate).

Yes, it’s true that bananas have more calories than most fruits, but they are also much more filling. If you want to lose excess weight, the banana is your best friend, as it will keep you satiated for a longer period of time.

Helps against constipation

Bananas help in maintaining a healthy digestive system. Because of their high content of pectin and fiber, they accelerate digestion and help eliminate toxins from the body. Bananas are a perfect solution for constipation – a problem that more and more people are suffering from. The probiotic properties in bananas reduce and relieve uncomfortable swelling and pressure in the stomach.

Choose a green banana (not too ripe) because the fiber in them is more useful to the body. With the overripe, bananas lose some of their beneficial properties.

Sources of vital minerals

Bananas are one of the richest sources of potassium and contain a large amount of magnesium. Potassium is a vital mineral for the body, which is used by virtually every cell, tissue and organ. Blood potassium levels also have a bearing on mental health. A sufficient concentration of potassium in our diet lowers levels of stress and anxiety.

Its also an electrolyte vital for the production of energy in the body and is essential for our muscles to contract, our nerve impulses to fire and our heart to function properly. This process is important for our muscles to shorten and nerve impulses, digestion and cardiac activity to flow properly. Increasing quantities of potassium are associated with decreases in blood pressure, as well as reducing the risk of osteoporosis, diabetes and heart disease. For people with high blood pressure, one banana for breakfast is recommended.

Healthy substitutes

Bananas can successfully satiate your hunger for something sweet, so it’s recommended to choose them instead of a biscuit, croissant or other pastry. They are also the modern version of fast food, perfectly packaged and transportable!

Bananas also contains substances that stimulate the release of serotonin (happiness hormone) into the bloodstream. A banana a day is enough to make you feel happier. In other words it’s a great choice for a healthy morning or afternoon snack. Do not hesitate to choose a banana when you have “fruits by choice” in your meal plan.

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