About us

Our mission is to help people eat healthy and live better.

We created Top Forma in 2013 and our mission is to help as many people fight the extra weight and turn the healthy eating into their lifestyle and be happier and healthy. Since then, we have helped more than 20000 people live better. You letters and success stories, are, what is motivating us and gives us a reason to continue develop further our service.

We believe, that our methodology is successful, as it combines different factors, which influence the long-term success and being in top shape. These are: individual meal plan, created by an experienced specialist, ease of execution, constant support and help with your lifestyle. You can find more about the method of work, on the “what you get” page.


Specialists and consultants

With the help of experienced specialists in different areas, we created a personalised service, which is proven to effectively help our client reach a permanent change of eating habits and turn healthy living into a way of life. For 6 years, we have helped thousands of clients find their right way of eating, to fight with excess weight and significantly improve their health as well as reduce the risk of development of chronic diseases.

Dr Stoyanova nutritionist

Dr Stoyanova
nutritional expert

Dr Stoyanova is a medical doctor, expert in nutrition and specialising endocrinology and metabolitic diseases. She has experience in clinics in Paris, specialising in diabetology, metabolic diseases and genetic conditions.

Dr Chamova

Dr Chamova MD m
Specialist in Nutrition and Dietetics
Hygiene and Epidemiology
Medical University Varna

Dr Chamova is a nutritionist and lecturer in the Medical University Varna She has over 25 scientific publications in the field of nutrition, obesity, nutrition during pregnancy and breast-feeding. Member of the The European Society for Paediatric Gastroenterology Hepatology and Nutrition (ESPGHAN)

Ina Dancheva

Ina Dancheva

Ina is a nutritionist in Top Forma. She has studied in the UK. “I would like to hep as many people as possible in their different stages of life to feel confident and happy, through the right food and exercise programme”

Dr Gergova
Cadiologist, Internist

Dr Gergova is a cardiologist with more than 35 years exeprience. She is a lecturer in the Medical University – Sofia. Participates in many European clinical studies in the area of arterial hypertonia, dyslipidemia and maintenance of heart conditions.

Dr Grigorova
Clinical psychologist and psychotherapist

Dr Grigorova holds a PhD in psychology and over 10 years of experience. Member of the psychoanalytic and psychotherapeutic association. Author of publications in the subject of affected difficulties, psychosomatics and eating disorders.

Dr Petia Dimitrova
Microbiology institute BAS

Dr Dimitrova is a specialist in the immunology area. She has experience in Germany, Italy, as well Mayo Clinic in the USA.


Nadia Rusenova
co-founder and CEO

Healthy eating is a passion and lifestyle for Nadia. She is certain, that new technologies will present unprecedented opportunities to help the way people live.

Ipokratis Papadimitrakos

One of the leading consultants in Bulgaria.
over 15 years of experience. Author of “Ipology of eating”

Anton Stoyanov

Anton looks after the technical team and the service development of Top Forma.