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from Ipokratis Papadimitrakos


no forbitten food

You do not have to deprive yourself of your favorite foods to be on top form. In our meal plans there are no forbidden foods!
Our dietitian works the foods you love in to the diet in appropriate amounts. This way you wont feel denied and will have the consistency you need to accomplish your goals. Continue reading to find out why there are no forbidden foods in Top Forma’s meal plans.

Denial Doesn’t Work!

It is well known that denying yourself your favorite thing, (especially where it relates to food) doesn’t work in the long term. This is the reason we include a ‘free day’ in our diet plans.

On every 7th day, you have the freedom to choose what and how much to eat – no restrictions neither in quantity nor the quality of the food.

The secret of ‘the Free Day’

This free day is neither a reward for good performance or a test in our willpower. It was introduced by Top Form to achieve several key objectives that have proven effective, namely:

1. From a purely psychological point of view it is important that there is no ban, because the ban creates internal resistance and dissent. This is one reason for the day off – if Wednesday is your chosen day and you feel like eating a piece of cake, then that’s ok. Remain calm and tell yourself “I will eat cake today, it’s my day off!” In other words – no forbidden foods, but some foods are eaten on a specific day.

2. The free day will help to gradually create the habit of separating your regular sound nutritional plan in sensible quantities, and having an occasional treat on an allocated day. This distinction will stop you choosing treat food when you are hungry because you will be aware that your body needs proper food instead.

3. The third reason for the free day is to savor the foods we crave and appreciate that a small amount of, say, chocolate is needed rather than the whole bar.

Change harmful eating patterns without any restrictions

The free day in your individual diet is a proven successful method to change harmful eating habits. Its main secret lies in the fact you mindfully participite in the process of your own change

If you still do not have an individual diet plan, you can order it here.

Are you here for the first time?

If so, we are happy you found us. Our mission is to help you reach or maintain your perfect weight, while eating healthy. This is totally realistic with a personally created meal plan just for you. We hope we can help you.