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Once you improve your eating habits by following your personal programme, losing weight and feeling good comes naturally.

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A bespoke meal plan and professional support from your personal online nutritionist

Meet the Nutritionist

Ipokratis Papadimitrakos has helped his clients lose more than 70,000 kg in his proud career, and the weight stays off!

"I help people improve their eating habits by following a well-balanced and varied individual meal plan, until normal eating becomes a routine. That's the key to shedding off the weight. Everyone can be their own best nutritionist."

Bespoke Meal Plan

No difficult to pronounce products - just the foods that you like, in the quantities and the order that will make you feel satisfied!

A well-balanced and varied meal plan that you can easily stick to every day - no matter where you are.

top forma plans

Choose between 1, 3 or 6 months plan to best suit your weight loss goal and budget

Quick Start
Lose 4-6 kg or maintain your current weight
1 month
£ 40
A 30-day meal plan composed just for you by Ipokratis to suit your goals, abilities, food preferences and your way of life.
Smart Change
Lose up to 18 kg, and improve your eating habits
3 months
£ 99
£120 You save £21
A three-month programme. Each month, Ipokratis will compose a new meal plan just for you according to your progress and preferences.
New You
Lose more than 15 kg, and keep the weight off
6 months
£ 180
£240 You save £60
A six-month programme that will help you to achieve and maintain your desired weight by making beneficial eating habits a part of your daily lifestyle.

Success stories

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Daisy, Lost 18 kg in 5 months:
After my pregnancy and breast feeding, I gained 30 kg. I found out about the healthy meal plan from Ipokratis Papadimitrakos and decided to give it a try. I lost 18 kg for five months without starving myself.
Maria, Lost 18 kg in 5 months:
My name is Maria and I have been following a meal plan from Ipokratis for four months now, currently I’m at month 5. I started at 90 kg, and now I’m 72-73kg.

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